Make your Android homescreen more useful

ADWLauncher is a free, open-source launcher app for your Android phone. View full description


  • Really flexible
  • Easy uninstall feature
  • All Apps menu is much nicer


  • Takes a while to set up properly

Very good

ADWLauncher is a free, open-source launcher app for your Android phone.

Most users don’t have a problem with their phone’s default home screen and app launcher, but if you are looking for a few more options, check out ADWLauncher. Not only will it allow you to change the physical appearance of your home and other screens, but it also gives you more immediate access to settings like uninstall, editing app names and icons.

Once installed, ADWLauncher gives you a pretty blank slate. Add apps and links by press-holding the screen, and choose from the options that appear. You can also add and remove the apps that appear in the bottom bar – a feature you can also set to auto-hide. The menu button will give you access to the ADWLauncher settings.

These settings are pretty impressive – you can tweak almost every aspect of what the launcher does and how the icons appear, especially the Drawer Settings – the way your apps appear when you hit the middle icon on the bottom bar. Especially nice is the option to have this menu scroll horizontally and the ability to specify how many rows of icons appear on any one screen.

To get the most out of ADWLauncher, you really need to spend plenty of time getting to grips with the settings. Once you have to your liking, however, ADWLauncher is a really nice app that integrates perfectly with the Android style. It’s smooth, reliable and easy to use, and has none of the laggy, buggy problems sometimes seen in similar launcher/home screen replacements.

If you’ve ever wished for a slightly more flexible homescreen, ADWLauncher is the launcher for you.


  • New option to lock/unlock desktop (menu/more/lock-unlock)
  • Fixes some FCs